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Engineering Technical Communications

Welcome to Engineering Technical Communications (ETC).  The role of ETC within the Department of Engineering Education is to assist engineering students in strengthening their technical communication skills, with a particular focus on the types of communication specific to their academic and career needs. 


The team's mission is to prepare students for the visual, written, and spoken forms of communication they will practice during their engineering coursework, during their job searches, and within the workplace.  Our goal is to teach students to document processes, procedures, and lab experiments, as well as how to prepare:

  • Memos
  • Project Proposals
  • Project Reports
  • Technical Presentations in Digital Formats
  • Oral Presentations
  • Job Search Documents

As students compose these documents, they learn the importance of rhetorical principles in effective communication.  Students develop strategies for critically analyzing audience and context and learn to utilize technology to produce professional quality writing. The curriculum stresses the importance of each stage of the writing process and teaches students varied strategies for researching and documenting sources.

In addition to teaching sections of Engineering 2367 (3 credits), the team:

  1. Delivers Research Communications, ENGR 5710, to prepare graduate students for advanced academic and professional writing tasks.
  2. Delivers a senior technical writing course for Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECE 3090, to prepare ECE students for writing for Capstone projects and for the early stage of their careers.
  3. Delivers workshops on technical communications topics.
  4. Collaborates with College of Engineering faculty and teaching assistants to provide consistent information about technical communications techniques.

 Please contact us for assistance with the design of a writing assignment or a course for your department or for scheduling a workshop.