Industry Partners

"Capstone is a great way for industry to

  • Screen graduates that are actually excellent engineers with great proximity (including people skills, etc. that are unseen in typical interviews)
  • Train potential employees before they are hired. This is a very effective yet economical way to train new hires. They will be familiarized with the company, the corporate culture, and domain specific knowledge that will enable them to be effective in the future.
  • Contribute to the education of the engineers and provide valuable inputs to the engineering departments as to how to educate students with better teaching-learning methods and the needs in industry."
 -Leo Rusli, ME Faculty, John Deere PTO Project 2009
“Capstone class is an excellent (and cheap!) way to get a fresh look at your design and new
ideas for improving your product.”
- AP Fritts, ECE, AFRL Project 2009
“This is an investment that will be repaid many times over. Not only through the effort put forth by the
students to accomplish the project objectives but the diverse skill set that the students will leave the
course with."
- Aaron Thaler, ME, John Deere Bearing Project 2008

Benefits of Involvement

lndustry partners have been a critical part to the capstone program throughout its early years. Some benefits industry partners have seen are


  • A fresh perspectives from teams of creative and innovative students
  • Value-added solutions
  • Observation of students as prospective employees
  • Research resources for existing non-urgent, long-term issues
  • Access to additional resources and research facilities


Capstone is continually looking for new industry partners to help with the program's growth and success.

Further Information

For more information, please contact the appropriate program director under the Capstone Contacts tab.