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A Guide to Technical Communications: Strategies & Applications

Lynn Hall & Leah Wahlin, Editors

Guide to Technical Communications Strategies and Applications

First published in 2016 and used in our second-level writing courses, this e-textbook focuses on developing both technical and professional communication skills. It approaches professional communication from a rhetorical perspective—focusing on audience and purpose—and provides students with tools for success in producing the genres of communication common in professional environments (application materials, reports, proposals, instructions, presentations). The textbook is designed to provide strategies and real-world applications to assist students in transitioning from traditional academic writing to workplace communication.


Fundamentals of Engineering Technical Communications

Leah Wahlin, Editor

Fundamentals of Engineering Technical Communications

The goal of this e-textbook is to help students develop a foundation of strong and adaptable communication skills and habits applicable both in their first year of engineering courses and beyond. Drawing parallels between the writing process and the engineering process, the book covers foundational concepts of writing style, effective use of graphics and visuals, and guidance for writing document types common in the first-year engineering course sequence.


Other Technical Communications Resources


Topic-specific Resources

Writing Style

Chapter 3. Writing in a Technical Communications Style – Fundamentals of Engineering Technical Communications (FETC)  

2. PROFESSIONAL STYLE – Technical Writing Essentials (TWE)

Citations & Citation Styles

Citation Help: Resources for citation style guides and citation software management – University Libraries


3.3 Citations & Citation Styles – FETC (overview of APA and IEEE styles)


Citations Writing Resources – CSTW


APA Style – (website and blog for the American Psychological Association)


APA Style Guide – Purdue OWL


8. Oral and Visual Presentations – TWE

Team Communication & Project Management

Collaboration and Team Projects – GTC


4. Teamwork and Communication – TWE

Information Literacy

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research – Teaching & Learning, University Libraries


5. Research Methods – TWE


Strategies for Conducting Research – GTC


Subject Guides – University Libraries

Graphics & Data Visualization

Chapter 4. Using Graphics and Visuals Effectively – FETC


Web Style Guide – Patrick J. Lynch & Sarah Horton


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