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Administrative Services

EED's Administrative Services team (see sidebar) provides building, fiscal, human resources, and other various support services to departmental faculty, staff, and students. Please see below for related forms*, policies, and other important information.   

*All procurement / fiscal forms and nearly all HR forms can be filled in electronically before printing. Please use this feature whenever possible to improve accuracy and to shorten processing times.

Human Resources


Office of Human Resources |

Student Health Insurance Program  |



College of Engineering Business Operations Center

Expenditures Policy  |  View PDF

Fiscal Policies  |

Meals and Alcohol


Purchasing  |

Receiving and Mail Services  |



Ohio State University Travel Resources

  • Forms
    • University Travel Policy  |  View PDF
    • COE Pre/Post Travel Worksheet  |  View PDF 

Rental Cars  |

Hotel Information  |
CoE Exception Request Form  |  View PDF

Per Diem Rates  |