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Engineering capstone showcase offers glimpse into future

An electric bike that uses pedal rotation to charge its battery, a system for sustainable crop production in space, and a programmable device that plays guitar were just a few of the 200-plus innovations on display from undergraduate engineering students on Tuesday, April 24 at The Ohio State University.

Dean Williams attended the showcase and spoke to several project teamsWith more than 850 students representing 14 engineering majors and 20 non-engineering majors, the 11th annual Engineering Capstone Design Showcase was the event’s largest installment yet.

As part of the College of Engineering’s focus on experiential learning, all undergraduate engineering students must spend one to two semesters tackling a real-world problem before graduation. Other projects on display at the event included a web platform that supports healthy child development, an intelligent car that measures the driver’s biometrics to predict anxiety, and a system that reduces post-harvest loss in one of the least food secure countries in the world.

Ryan Lawler explains his project, sponsored by The Wendy's Company, to the judges

More than 70 companies sponsored engineering capstone projects at OhioState over the past academic year, including Coca-Cola, EduTechnologic, EnergyEne, Honda, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, NASA, NetJets and The Wendy’s Company.

Sponsored by ArcelorMittal and organized by the College of Engineering’s Department of Engineering Education, the showcase attracts several hundred visitors from industry, the general public and the university community.

Student tests an assistive steering device on displayHeld from 12:00-3:30 p.m. in the Ohio Union, the event also included the 15th Annual Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors Research Showcase. It featured lab-on-a-chip devices designed by teams of first-year engineering students to detect a disease from a blood sample and solve a real-world medical problem.



Best in Design

Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering (Assistive Devices) 

Group 37: Adaptative paddle board seat for individuals with spinal cord injury presented by Mallory Allen, Katrina Schroeder, Zach Brannan, Andrew Centa, Ed Pfeifer, Natalie Ruscello, and Habeeb Al-Ghaw 

Group 43: Flexible intubating stylet presented by Aurko Shaw, Emily Albrecht, Daniel Canfield, and Brittany Penn

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Group 126: On board oxygen generation system design for F-18 fighter jets presented by Sam Corbin, Ryan Rebillot, Stuart Ruck, and Abay Akturin

Group 144: Chemical loopign conversion of ammonia to hydrogen presented by Kelsey Crawford, Kate Clelland, Owen Manning, and Joshua Yeh

Computer Science & Engineering

Group 206: Magellan Health PA tracker presented by Kulraj Sumra, Sami Ibrahim, Dakota Duncan, and Lamarr Henry

Group 208: Big Watson presented by Drew Relyea, Nick Meyer, Brandon Minner, Kurtis Kuszmaul, and Brian Groenke

Group 242: Helping our mothers engage (H.O.M.E) away from home presented by Chris Hutchinson, Cole Albers, Andrew Fox, and Sam Yinger

Group 227: Virtual Chemistry Lab presented by Yazen Alzaghameem, Manan Kedia, Michael Hamill, and Noor Noor

Group 228: Typhon presented by Brennan Plowman, Kurt Metz, Zack Sliger, Nick Dorgan, Andy Pitrof, Eric Salberg, and Shaun Bolan

Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Group 106: Integration of battery electric motor onto small scale tractor

Group 167: Reclamation of dairy condensate water reduces hydraulic load of wastwater treatment facility presented by Drew Netts, Neven Telalovic, Ellen Dolle, Holly Huellemeier, and Josh Hurwitz

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Group 15: A risk management analysis of guest and employee slips, trips, and falls at The Wendy's Company presented by Ryan Lawler, Megan Garrison, and Morgan Reynolds

Group 24: Improving decontamination and sterilization productivity presented by Carrie Gerding, Yawn Han, and Jojo Lu

Industrial & Systems Engineering (Lean Sigma)

Group 1: 2 second lean implementation at peerless saw presented by Joseph Weger

Group 14: Standard work system at Goodwill Columbus presented by Daniel Joseph

Integrated Business & Engineering

Group 103: Ohio Health protocol hub presented by Zach Cowen, Ransika Liyanage, Justin Han, Tianyi Zhang, Vee Thakkar, and Guy Gibboney

Group 105: Swish presented by Amy Chiu, Joel Weis, Cain Wu, Bryan Ahn, and Jonathan Dietsch

Materials Science & Engineering

Group 57: 3D printing of ternary phase diagrams presented by Zach Shipley, Carl Ahlborg, and Adam Flynn

Group 67: Microstructural evolution of TI-6AL-4V during brazing treatment presented by Peter Jacobson, Alex Distel, and Jordan Peltier 

Mechanical Engineering (Student Design Competition)

Group 113: FSAE intake design presented by Kyle Rader, Joe Hillegass, and Mike Mraz

Multidisciplinary Design

Group 171: Automatic hose coiler design - Thermoid Inc. presented by Ryan Kodramaz, Anthony Siefker, Austin Blackerby, and Alex Heer

Group 176: Honda R&D - semless measurement of biometrics presented by Anna Lee, Dhiren Bavisi, Jimmy Ciotola, Sean Duann, August Mason, Joel Pepper, and Bofei Zhang


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