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Transfer Credit

Fundamentals of Engineering Transfer Credit Evaluation Procedure

The evaluation process outlined below applies to general engineering courses taught within the Department of Engineering Education (EED) ONLY. Courses taught within a specific engineering discipline, such as Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science and Engineering, must be submitted to the department's Transfer Credit Coordinator

Review the information below to learn about the required steps for evaluation of general engineering transfer credit. Once reviewed, click here to submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request.

How to Identify Courses to Submit for Evaluation

Students transferring to The Ohio State University from another institution may have completed coursework that covers topics from the first-year Fundamentals of Engineering course sequence (1181 - 1182). For this reason, the program offers a Fundamentals of Engineering Transfer course sequence (1186 - 1187 - 1188). The Fundamentals of Engineering Transfer course sequence covers the same content as the traditional Fundamentals of Engineering course sequence. However. topics are split between courses so students who had completed these topics at previous institutions do not need to repeat material while at OSU.

ENGR 1181 - 1182 = ENGR 1186 - 1187 - 1188

The breakdown of topics in each course is:

  • ENGR 1186.01 - Introduction to three-dimensional (3D) visualization and three-dimensional (3D) CAD; written, oral and visual communications.
  • ENGR 1187 - Engineering problem-solving with MATLAB.
  • ENGR 1188 -  Introduction engineering problem solving and design through a long-term design build project; teamwork; written, oral and visual communications; project management.

In addition, the EED teaches stand-alone introductory courses, including:

  • ENGR 1221 - Introduction to computer programming and problem solving techniques with MATLAB applications in engineering and the physical sciences; alogrithm development; programming lab experience
  • ENGR 1121 - Presentation of three-dimensional (3D) subjects by precise graphics; orthographic, section, pictorial, and introduction to computer graphics. Course is taken by non-engineering majors.

Students who have taken courses at a previous institution in which one or more of the above topics have been covered AND the course has transferred to OSU as general [G000.XX], technical [T000.XX], or special [S000.XX] credit, should follow the instructions below for having credit further evaluated. Students with coursework that has transferred to OSU as deferred [D000.XX] should contact a Transfer Credit Coordinator to determine if the course is eligible for evaluation.

How To Submit Transfer Credit For Evaluation

Students requesting an evaluation of transfer credit must submit the following items:

  • detailed syllabi including name and author of text, and list of course topics
    • If the course is taken at an international institution, the materials must be certified translations with an official stamp or seal on each page. Non-certified materials will not be accepted.
  • contact information of instructor and institution
  • list of course topics
  • PDF copy of OSU Transfer Credit Report. Click here for instructions.

Additional material may be requested upon initial evaluation if not enough information is included in the original documents (i.e. course textbook, project materials, etc.).

If a student fails to supply requested materials, the Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator has the right to deny an evaluation. Additionally, students who submit falsified documents or documents from someone else that are not personally theirs may be brought up on charges of academic misconduct.

Transfer credit evaluations take two to four weeks for review and processing. Once reviewed, the evaluation result will be sent to the student's OSU email address. 

All course evaluation results are final.

Once you are ready to submit a course for evaluation, please click Transfer Credit Evaluation Request