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EED Creative Writing + Arts Contest

Welcome! The annual Creative Writing + Arts Contest celebrates the diverse skills and interests of the multi-talented people who make up the College of Engineering. The contest and showcase bring attention to both their creativity and technical knowledge by encouraging participants and attendees to explore and express their creative side.

This year's showcase took place on March 30, 2017.

Contest Rules + Guidelines

How to Enter


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Why Art + Engineering?

While science and technology extend and organize our minds, worlds, and lives, art allows us to explore and remake ourselves. The contest highlights the myriad connections between art and STEM and draws attention to the innovation and creativity born of interdisciplinarity. The primary goals of the contest are:

  • To inspire new ways of thinking about and appreciating intersections between engineering and the arts
  • To inspire collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines
  • To celebrate the creative skills and talents of COE students, faculty, and staff, and to champion their work within the OSU and Columbus community

Creative thinkers who have a wide range of interests and curious, open minds become the most innovative problem solvers because they have the capacity to see situations in new ways – to make connections that no one else has been able to make.

We hope this contest inspires both the entrants and the audience to deepen their appreciation of the engineering in art and the art in engineering.


Thanks to everyone who submitted to the 2017 contest and stopped by the showcase to check all of the outstanding entries. We appreciate your support!

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