2015-16 Projects

2015-16 Projects

Industry Projects:

Elastomers for HTHP Applications Phase III (Sponsor: Cameron)

In-Home Patient Monitor (Sponsor: Cardinal Health FUSE)

Friction Tester for (Winter) Traction Model Development Phase II (Sponsor: Cooper Tires)

Tabletop Room Cooler (Sponsor: EG eNNOVEA)

Modular Components for a Dormitory Refrigerator (Sponsor: GE FirstBuild)

Bumper Painting Electrical Grounding (Sponsor: NA)

Specifications of Fuel Cell System for VOC Reclamation Onsite (Sponsor: NA)

Torque Vectoring Project (Sponsor: John Deere)

Tractor Speed Sensor (Sponsor: John Deere)

Tube Feeding Infusion Pump (Sponsor: Vesco Medical)

Golf Driver (Sponsor: The Ohio State University)

SpaceX Hyperloop Competition (Sponsor: The Ohio State University)

Offshore Subsea Piping Experiment & Test Module Phase II (Sponsor: Subsea Tieback Foundation)

Toy Adoption (Sponsor: The Tony R. Wells Foundation)