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Technical Communications Resources and Consulting


The team members of the Technical Communication Resources and Consulting (TCRC) office:

  1. Deliver sections of Engineering 2367, a 3 semester credit course providing instruction on various thematic issues of America and Technology and on technical communications techniques.  Instructors encourage students to think critically while exploring the interrelations of technology and society.
  2. Offer consultation on writing techniques and on delivering oral presentations by appointment
  3. Collaborate with College of Engineering faculty and teaching assistants to provide consistent information to students about technical communications techniques.
  4. Deliver workshops on technical communications topics.

TCRC team members help undergraduate and graduate engineering students, teaching assistants, and engineering faculty to improve writing and to solve writing problems.  The TCRC office is located in Hitchcock 305.

Mary Faure
Manager TCRC303 Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1278
Preferred Contact:


Scott Black

Angie Burks

Lynn Hall

James Tichgelaar