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Student Instructional Leadership Team (SILT)

The Student Instructional Leadership Team (SILT) was organized in the fall of 2009 with an objective to aid engineering undergraduates in each version of the First-Year Engineering Program (Standard, Honors, Scholars, and Transfers). SILT manages over 2,000 students as well as 200 teaching assistants and helps with various FE Program resources, such as its laboratories and computer facilities. The team offers assistance in a wide range of topics, including engineering graphics courses, service-learning courses, seminars, and computer programming.

Furthermore, SILT provides professional development opportunities for student employees. The leadership team strives to enhance the program’s learning objectives, support curriculum enhancements, and create consistency.

SILT also supports student employees through peer groups that strive to further the teaching, professional, and personal development of teaching assistants. These groups continue to change and evolve, but with each reiteration, the team improves, which fosters general improvements across the program. 

Examples of SILT's events and programs include:

  • weekly lab training
  • lab report/memo grading sessions
  • general grading sessions
  • software training
  • professional development opportunities
  • flag football and softball
  • other social events

2015-2016 SILT Goals

Support and mentor new student employees ― Due to the transient nature of university education, there is a constant flow of new TAs entering and experienced TAs exiting the program. SILT provides TAs of any experience level with a place where they can seek help, advice, or materials; this includes training new employees as well as updating returning TAs with regards to curriculum changes.

Meet FE Program learning objectives through continued support for curriculum enhancements ― Many of SILT’s members are also in charge of curriculum improvements. Members who have curriculum duties work directly with other student employees and faculty. Up to four GTAs on SILT also serve on the First-Year Engineering Program Advisory Committee to help revise and establish the program’s learning objectives.

Provide professional development opportunities for student employees ― The FE Program offers professional development opportunities to student employees through activities and services provided by SILT.

Create consistency ― The FE Program serves over 2,000 students every year and employs nearly 200 student employees. SILT wants each student to receive an experience consistent with other students in the program and strives to provide our student employees with the tools to make that happen. Consistency within sections, between sections of the program, and from year-to-year is SILT’s end goal.

Membership Requirements

To be eligible for any instructional leadership position within the FE Program, prospective students must have served in a teaching role for at least one year prior to their term. FE Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs) and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) must have taught both ENGR 1181 and 1182 in the past; FE ‒ Honors (FEH) UTAs must have served as an in-class UTA for at least one semester.

Current SILT Members

First-Year Engineering:

Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs): Cody Allison, Robert Gammon Pitman, Monica Okon

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs): Chris Baehr, Danielle Meyer, Kristen Nemeth, Nick Peterson, Rachel Sylvester

First-Year Engineering – Honors:

Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs): Stefan Heglas, Andy Theiss

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA): David Frank, Drew Phillips

SILT Group Photo

Contact Information

For more information about the Student Instructional Leadership Team (SILT), please contact: