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Spotlight on Richard Busick, Senior Lecturer

What do you do in the EED?

I presently teach the Fundamentals of Engineering Series, ENGR 1181 and ENGR 1182, as a senior lecturer. In the past, I've taught the corresponding series in Honors. I've also taught multiple sessions of 1186, a version of the course for transfer students. 

What drew you to the EED? 

After I retired early from the Bell Telephone Labs in Columbus, where I was an electrical engineer, I failed 'early retirement' and when Dr. Demel invited me to teach the FE labs at The Ohio state University, I was excited about the opportunity. That activity expanded over time to include all of the courses that I mentioned previously.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the EED?

I enjoy the challenge of teaching students new concepts like MatLab and Solidworks. I especially appreciate the teamwork, talents, and expertise of my fellow lecturers. I have also been very fortunate in my engineering career to be in 2 organizations, Bell Labs and OSU, where the caliber of the folks I worked with made working an enjoyable experience. 

What's a fun fact about yourself?

All of my engineering career has been based on using data to reach logical conclusions, but I must confess that, at the age of 12, I was taught a skill from an engineer at my father's company not based on any known data...dowsing. I've successfully applied this skill on 3 continents!