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Spotlight on Denver Tang, Assistant Professor of Practice

How long have you been here? What do you do in the EED?

I started in the department in November, 2017. As a clinical faculty member, my job focuses on helping engineering students improve their professional skills. I do this by teaching courses in engineering design and technical communication, collaborating with faculty and staff within EED, the College of Engineering, and OSU on educational and research initiatives, as well as connecting with stakeholders outside the university.

What drew you to Engineering Education at Ohio State?

I was very excited about the formation of a new department of engineering education, a field I have been working on for the past seven or eight years. I had been an engineering student and an electrical engineer before entering a graduate program in science and technology studies. My engineering background played an important role in my choice of engineering education as the focus of my graduate and postdoctoral research. One of my best friends became a faculty member at OSU in 2010, and I have visited Columbus several times since then. In fact, I wrote part of my first engineering education publication in the Thompson Library over a Christmas break a few years ago. In a way, I felt I was prepared to be a Buckeye before even this job opportunity appeared.

What research are you currently focusing on?

This year OSU became a member of the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) and in 2018 EED will launch our first KEEN funded project, which seeks to incorporate entrepreneurial minded learning (EML) in one of our First Year Engineering courses (Engineering 1182). My role in this project includes supporting the redesign of 1182 curriculum to facilitate EML, co-leading the implementation of EML curriculum in twelve sections of the 1182 course, and coordinating the assessment of the impact of this educational initiative on student learning and on the culture at OSU.

What's your favorite thing about working in the EED?

The people. I enjoy working with the colleagues, who have diverse background but shared commitment for students. I also enjoy the opportunity to connect with thousands of students via EED courses and programs.

What's a fun fact about yourself?

I love reading novels. I get myself into trouble trying to collect too many free books.