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Robotics Competition

First Year Honors students in the Fundamentals of Engineering program build robots to traverse a course designed by the faculty and teaching assistants. The staff comes up with a new course and course theme every year in order to give each group of students new challenges to address.

Students are divided into teams of three or four based on the time they schedule ENGR 1281.01H. The final competition is comprised of three round robin play matches,in which three or four random opponents compete.

The final competition has numerous play in games of three or four robot teams, through which the winners advanced to the field of 64. The 64 compete in matches of 4 robot teams and the robot that completes the most tasks in the fastest time advances to the next round. The field of 64 is narrowed down to 16 after round one. The second round cuts those 16 down to the final four. Finally, the final four compete for the title of Robot Competition Champion.

Other awards, such as Best Documentation and Most Innovative are also presented to teams at the final competition.

2017 FEH Honors Robot Competition

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 12:00 pm

Venue: Davis Gymnasium, Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC), 337 W. 17th Avenue.