Robotics Competition

Students create robots that complete specified tasks on a course designed andbuilt by the program’s teaching assistants. Each year has a different course and theme to give each class of students a unique experience in applying their knowledge and skills to a simulated real-world situation. The 2019 competition challenges the teams to perform after-hours tasks in an arcade.

As part of their coursework, teams of four students work for approximately 8 weeks designing, building, coding, and documenting autonomous robots to meet the challenge. The project culminates with this final public competition, an in-class oral presentation, and a thorough documentation package.

At the competition, robots have up to 2 minutes to complete the tasks on the course, and points are associated with each task. All robots compete in three round robin matches, where 3 or 4 robots run simultaneously, and those accumulating the most points are recognized for being the most consistent robots. In the case of a tie, time is used as a tie-breaker.

For the head-to-head competition, the teams are seeded based upon previous in-class performance and attempt to advance through a tournament-style bracket. Four robots compete at a time, with only the highest-scoring team advancing to the next round. Again, in the case of a tie, time is used to determine a winner. The robots who make it to the “final four” receive special recognition.

A variety of corporate sponsors and Ohio State offices provide judges for the event. They select teams to recognize for outstanding achievement in engineering, outstanding achievement in innovation, and creation of the most aesthetically pleasing robots. Through the generosity of the corporate sponsors, these teams, along with the final four and most consistent robots, are awarded small cash scholarships.

At a later date, additional awards are made to the teams with the best documentation and to the students who have exhibited gracious professionalism.

2019 FEH Honors Robot Competition

Saturday, April 6, 2019, 12:00 pm (round robin) and 4:15 pm (head-to-head)

Venue: Davis Gymnasium, Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC), 337 Annie and John Glenn Ave