The Inclusive Community-Based Learning Lab

The iCBL Lab aims to understand the ways in which Community-Based Learning in engineering impacts students and participating stakeholders and communities.

The lab develops evidence-based approaches in CBL that support the formation of socially-responsible engineering professionals. The iCBL Lab seeks to establish CBL partnerships that will promote social justice and broaden participation in engineering and STEM.

Research conducted by Dr. Delaine and the iCBL aims to improve the extent to which community-based learning pedagogies in engineering center equity. More specifically, the Delaine research agenda is focused on following the overarching questions:

  • What is reciprocity in engineering CBL, how is it manifested and evaluated in practice?

  • What characteristics/skills/traits can students and instructors leverage within engineering CBL to promote deeper reciprocity?

  • What is an inclusive CBL in engineering that provides for all learners, especially those from historically minoritized demographics, while effectively partnering with marginalized communities?

Introduction to the Inclusive Community-Based Learning Lab

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