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The Department of Engineering Education (EED) is a newly formed unit at The Ohio State University. Our tenure-track and clinical faculty are conducting groundbreaking research in many areas, including student motivation and identity; diversity and inclusion in engineering education; educational research methods; surveys and instruments to assess classroom instruction; engineering leadership and professional skills; capstone design and assessment; first-year engineering curricula; and development of spatial visualization skills, among many others.
In addition to taking courses and conducting research with the EED’s internationally recognized faculty, OSU graduate students have the opportunity to contribute to the development and direction of a growing department. 

The research currently being performed within the EED seeks to answer these important questions.

● What factors provide for the success of our graduate teaching assistants?

● How can we better understand diversity and inclusion of engineering on a systematic level and at global scale?

● How can we train our engineers to be effective communicators?

● What is the impact of engineering students in society and on the workforce?

● How can we improve awareness, access, and retention of those underrepresented within engineering?


Our department is poised to develop research outcomes that will be a driving force for positive evidence-based change. 


Please check back for new updates on EED research.