Dringenberg, Emily


Dr. Dringenberg is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Education at Ohio State University. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Kansas State '08), a M.S. in Industrial Engineering (Purdue '14) and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education (Purdue ’15). Her career purpose is to learn about and reveal beliefs that are widely-held as an implicit result of our socialization within systems of oppression so that she can embolden others to reflect on their assumptions and advance equity in their own ways. To this end, her team, Beliefs in Engineering Research Group (BERG), utilizes qualitative methods to explore beliefs in engineering. She is currently pushing herself to approach research in ever-more critical, interdisciplinary, and impactful ways.


  • Beliefs
  • Smartness as a Cultural Practice
  • Race and Gender in Engineering
  • Research Design
  • Qualitative Methods