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De Leon, Rafael

Rafael De Leon

Graduate Teaching Associate, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
PhD Student, Engineering Education
CBEC151 W Woodruff Ave Columbus, OH 43210-1226


2017 B.S. Chemical Engineering - The Ohio State University

2020 M.S. Chemical Engineering - University of Houston

Prior to joining the Engineering Education department at OSU, Rafael De Leon spent much of his academic and professional career researching and analyzing energy technologies. He spent some time working at the National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) becoming familiar with how policy is influenced by engineers. His current research interests include graduate student working conditions and policy. He enjoys spending time with family and riding his motorcycle when the weather permits.


Engineering Graduate Student Experiences: Participatory Action Research, Federal Policy, Community Building

Energy Technologies: Carbon Capture, Chemical Looping, Process Simulations, Technoeconomic Analysis