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Braaten, Bailey

Bailey Braaten

Photograph of a white woman standing in front of a grey background. She is wearing a maroon blouse with a black blazer.
Gender pronouns: she/her
Lecturer, Engineering Education
Hitchcock Hall2070 Neil Ave Columbus, OH 43210-1226


Dr. Bailey Braaten is a lecturer in the Engineering Education Department at the Ohio State University. Bailey has a background in teaching high school mathematics, in addition to her experience in mechanical engineering. Her research interests focus on student identity in relation to STEM subjects, particularly mathematics, and how this informs students’ participation in engineering. Through her work, she aims to increase participation of and support for underrepresented students in engineering.


Ph.D., Teaching and Learning - STEM Education, The Ohio State University

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Cincinnati

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio Northern University.

Courses Taught

ENGR/MATH 1138 - Fundamentals of Mathematics for Engineers (AU23)

ENGR 1181 - Fundamentals of Engineering I (AU21 - Present)

ENGR 1182 - Fundamentals of Engineering II (SP21 - Present)


Office: 3033H Smith Laboratory, 174 W 18th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210