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Fundamentals of Engineering – Honors (FEH)

The Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors (FEH) Program is an optional course sequence that is offered to University Honors-designated engineering students. This accelerated program is designed to challenge students and provide them with a foundation in engineering principles that are necessary for success throughout their academic careers.

The FEH Program offers an unparalleled first-year engineering experience because:

  • Students begin taking engineering courses immediately in the fall semester.
  • FEH projects and laboratories facilitate teamwork, which employers favor in prospective employees.
  • Accelerated classes and increased workload require and develop study skills as well as time management.
  • Students gain documentation, presentation, and communication skills (through written reports and oral presentations), which are invaluable assets when looking for a job or internship.

Any student who is interested in applying to the Honors Program must complete an Honors and Scholars Application. For more information about FE Honors (FEH) or to speak with an Honors Advisor, please call (614) 292–7923.

In some situations, students considering the FEH sequence should meet with a major-specific academic adviser to discuss the recommended course options. FEH requires each student to take at least one semester of FEH Physics or FEH Chemistry. Students interested in studying Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Environmental Engineering will need to take Chemistry 1210 and 1220 in place of (or in addition to) the FEH-recommended physics sequence. Academic advisers are available to direct students towards the course that is best-suited to his or her needs.

FE – Honors Course Sequence


Engineering 1281.01H  Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors I (Regular)

This course introduces undergraduate students to engineering problem-solving using computational tools such as Excel and MATLAB. Students are taught how to develop algorithms and are introduced to the C/C++ programming languages. The semester culminates in a week-long design project that tests the skills that students have learned throughout the course.

Engineering 1281.02H  Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors I (Advanced)

Designed for undergraduate students that already possess knowledge of computer programming, this course provides more accelerated study and more challenging work. The course introduces students to engineering problem-solving using computational tools such as Excel and MATLAB. Students enrolled in Engineering 1281.02H also develop algorithms and become more familiar with the C/C++ programming languages. The semester culminates in a week-long design project that tests the skills that students have learned throughout the course. 

Engineering 1281.03H  Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors I (LabVIEW)

In place of C/C++ (text-based programming languages), students enrolled in Engineering 1281.03H are taught LabVIEW, a graphical, icon-based programming language. Students develop algorithms, learn to use LabVIEW's programming language, and gain problem-solving skills using computational tools such as Excel and MATLAB. The course ends in a week-long design project that tests the skills that students have learned throughout the semester.


Engineering 1282.01H – Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors II (Robot Design and Build Project)

This course is primarily a design and build project in which students create a working prototype robot. Students are presented a course scenario and the list of tasks each robot must perform. Using this defined scenario and required tasks, each team will design, build, and program a robot that will navigate the course, collect and analyze various external signals, and complete the tasks for which it has been designed. Throughout 1282.01H each team will completely document the development of their robot project through formal reports, sketches and engineering drawings, and presentations.

Engineering 1282.02H – Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors II (Nanotechnology and Sustainability Design Research Project)

This course is set up as a research project in the current research areas of: (1) nanotechnology and (2) sustainable design. Students will work in teams to select a research area, consider the needs of stakeholders, and design a prototype of their solution to the identified problem. The types of problems to be addressed are widely open to any problem identified in either of these research areas, giving students the opportunity to focus their project on a topic they find interesting or feel passionately about. Additionally, students will be able to select Explorations to help develop skills needed for their projects. Throughout 1282.02H each team will completely document their work through formal reports, websites, engineering drawings and CAD models, a physical prototype, and presentations.

Engineering 1282.04H – Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors IV (Integrated Business and Engineering) IBE Students only

This course focuses on a design project that is completed by the engineering and business students in the IBE cohort. The design project focuses on user needs and design thinking. This is available for students who participated in the IBE cohort in AU 2022.

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Contact Information

If you are not a prospective student but would like more information, please contact:

Dr. Krista Kecskemety
Director - Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors
Mike Knisley, Engineering Honors Advisor