Monica Cox named Fellow in national STEM leadership program


Ohio State University Distinguished Professor of Engineering Monica Cox has been selected for the class of 2023-24 of Drexel University’s Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering and Science (ELATES) program. The national leadership development program is designed to promote women in academic STEM fields, and faculty allies of all genders, into institutional leadership roles.

Monica Cox Photo

The class of 2023-24 ELATES Fellows is a prestigious cohort of 30 faculty members from over 25 institutions of higher education across the U.S. and Canada. The ELATES Fellows include experts in engineering, mathematics and science, all of whom have significant administrative experience on top of their scholarly accomplishments. Cox was nominated by senior leadership for this intensive, yearlong program, which includes eight to 10 hours per week of personal and leadership development work as well as three series of on-site work in the Philadelphia area.

Cox is an expert in the use of mixed methodologies to explore engineering education research across the education continuum, particularly in the areas of equity and work culture. At Purdue University, she served as interim director for Indiana’s Louis Stokes for Minority Participation Program and the director of Purdue University’s Engineering Leadership Minor. At Ohio State, she was the inaugural chair of Ohio State’s Department of Engineering Education, and she serves as the founding director of the College of Engineering’s LEGACY Scholars Program. 

“ELATES is an innovative program that welcomes diverse perspectives of leadership,” said Cox. “I appreciate learning how to create new models of leadership and ways to apply my authenticity and expertise in spaces that may not be open and inclusive. Thanks to the American Society for Engineering for their sponsorship as an ELATES Fellow and to Dean Ayanna Howard for her sponsorship and continued encouragement.” 

Facilitated by leaders in the fields of STEM research and leadership development, the ELATES curriculum is focused on increasing Fellows’ personal and professional leadership effectiveness, from the ability to lead and manage change initiatives within institutions, to the use of strategic finance and resource management to enhance organizational missions. Pairing online instruction and discussion with intensive, in-person seminar sessions, the program encourages Fellows to apply what they’ve learned at their home institutions. Ultimately, it aims to create a network of exceptional faculty who bring broad organizational perspectives and deep personal capacity to the institutions and society they serve.

“I am thrilled to welcome this talented new cohort of ELATES fellows as they join the community of distinguished alumnae who are committed to lifelong learning and leadership development,” said Drexel University Engineering Dean Sharon Walker, executive director of the ELATES program. “I am excited to see what impact they will not only have this year on their home campuses, but more broadly to the higher education STEM community in the future.”

To learn more about ELATES at Drexel, visit ELATES online.