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Dr. Deb Grzybowski Collaborates with Tsukuba University

Ohio State and Tsukuba University Faculty enjoying a traditional tea ceremony

Dr. Deb Grzybowski recently returned from her trip to Japan with insight and stories to tell. Dr. Grzybowski traveled to Tsukuba University with several other OSU faculty to observe local schools including the Special Schools for Students with Mental Disabilities, the Special School for the Blind, and the Special School for the Deaf. The faculty who attended were:

Professor Helen Malone, Associate Chair, Ed Studies, EHE 

Assistant Professor Matt Brock, Ed Studies, EHE

Professor Sam Hodge, Human Sciences, EHE

Dr. Danene Fast, Program Manager, Teaching & Learning, EHE

For every school observation, they devoted a day to visit, observe, and discuss with the teachers and students.

Tsukuba University International Collaboration Seminar Poster

Dr. Grzybowski was asked by Dr. Hiroki Yoneda, a faculty member at Tsukuba University, to help her develop teaching tools in the biology/science/engineering areas for children with visual impairments. The collaboration helps Dr. Grzybowski promote her research agenda of “Making Engineering Accessible for All”. During her trip she presented her work “Addressing the Needs of Visually Impaired Learners through Engineering Education” at a seminar held by the University.










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