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Engineers have an enormous impact on our world, from the products that we use to the quality of the environment in which we live. The Engineering Scholars Program presents students with a new lens through which to view engineering.  There are two available tracks for Engineering Scholars students including The Green Engineering Scholars and The Humanitarian Engineering Scholars. The Green Engineering Scholars have a community theme of green engineering, innovation, and social responsibilty. Students will examine areas such as alternative energy development, sustainable products and systems, and green manufacturing and building.  The Humanitarian Engineering Scholars will learn about and engage in engineering activities which impact underserved areas by addressing pressing problems.  Students will be presented with opportunities to become true “global citizens” by solving the problems around them with a deep appreciation for the social, political and cultural context of their solutions and corresponding ethical implications.

The Engineering Scholars Program provides exposure to the wide variety of engineering majors at Ohio State, emerging career opportunities, and innovative research through direct contact with both faculty and practicing engineers. Through a combination of academic and co-curricular components, the Engineering Scholars Program increases student awareness of green engineering or humanitarian engineering principles while enhancing the overall educational experience, regardless of whether a student is pursuing an engineering major.

Engineering Scholars come together to create a supportive living-learning community by residing together during the first year. In addition to living together, students will take many of the same courses (engineering, calculus, chemistry, and physics). This provides students with a natural environment to form study groups, support one another in common academic pursuits, and share career-related interests. Engineering Scholars also participate in a variety of co-curricular activities such as: weekly meetings/seminars, tours of engineering firms and related facilities, community service projects, and social events. Every aspect of the Engineering Scholars Program is designed to support students’ academic, professional, and social development while enhancing their overall undergraduate experience.

One of the central goals of the Engineering Scholars Program is to provide students with opportunities to actively explore the world of green engineering or humanitarian engineering. Additionally, the program aims to build community through a variety of activities that are both intellectually engaging and fun. 


More information on these activities and programs can be found at:

Green Engineering Scholars:

Humanitarian Engineering Scholars:

FE – Scholars Course Sequence

Engineering 1181.02 – Fundamentals of Engineering for Scholars I

An important part of this course in the FE sequence is to introduce MATLAB programming. MATLAB is a powerful computer program that is widely used in advanced engineering analysis and design. Starting from the fundamentals of developing logical, stepwise algorithms for solving a computational problem, students learn programming skills that help analyze real-life situations and compute solutions.

Prerequisite or Concurrent: Math 1150 or above, and Scholar status.

Not open to students with credit for Engineer 183.01 or 183.02.

Engineering 1182.02 – Fundamentals of Engineering for Scholars II

Technical graphics are the universal language of engineers from every discipline. The in-class portion of this first course in the Fundamentals of Engineering sequence is devoted to building a solid background in design and diagramming. Students become proficient in this fundamental skill through use of both traditional hand-sketching as well as computer-aided methods. Exercises in dimensioning and calculation of tolerances help students produce fully functional engineering drawings. Advanced solid modeling of assemblies demonstrates how components fit together to produce functional products.

The course also features a semester-long design-build project. Other technical and non-technical skills are developed throughout the course of the project.

Prerequisite: ENGR 1181.01, 1181.02, 1281.01H, 1281.02H, or 1281.03H, and Scholar status. Concurrent: Math 1151 or above.
Not open to students with credit for ENGR 181.01 or 181.02.


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Contact Information

For more information about the FE Scholars Program, please contact:

Shalonda Makupson-Tilford
Green Scholars Program Coordinator
Phone: (614) 2923529

Rachel Tuttle
Humanitarian Scholars Program Coordinator
Phone: (614) 292-0007