Faculty and Staff

One of the EED's goals is to provide students with multiple points of contact to help them throughout the course of their studies.

Faculty and staff include:


The EED faculty develops and teaches a wide range of highly interactive and work-world relevant courses and in new, exciting research. Our faculty include tenure-track, clinical, and associated (i.e., lecturers) faculty who demonstrate excellence in their respective areas of expertise. 

Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs)

Graduate students help organize and teach laboratories and assist students in class. Furthermore, the EED’s First-Year Engineering Program is a recipient of the prestigious award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching Associate Program from the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Many GTAs completed the First-Year Engineering Program during their own undergraduate studies. For more information, go to the Student Instructional Leadership Team page.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)

Undergraduate students assist students in both classroom and laboratory settings. Generally, UTAs completed the First-Year Engineering Program earlier in their undergraduate career. This is a great way for students to get involved in the FE Program after the conclusion of their first-year studies. For more information, go to the Student Instructional Leadership Team page.