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Seminar Series: Shellie Caudill

Join us at Shellie Caudill's lecture on how entrepreneurial minded learning translates to industry
Friday, March 29, 2019, 10:15 am to 11:15 am
Room E103
Scott Lab
Columbus, OH 43210


Engineers are incredible at solving defined problems but traditional engineering education approaches often miss the opportunity to teach students how to understand opportunities, define problems, and innovate holistically by considering market, societal, and social value.  Entrepreneurial Minded Learning (EML) apply those critical missing elements that students often learn after years in their first jobs.  The top engineering leaders in the industry have learned these EML skills and are creating breakthrough products and services creating real value for end users, society, and their corporation.  My talk focuses on the how the EML skills you are applying to freshman courses translate to a new product design case study for a disruptive product in a major consumer products category.


Shellie is known for her passion to drive disruptive innovation by challenging fundamental paradigms, and linking core technical understanding with consumer models. She helped drive the transformation of the Tide brand with her work on Tide Pods and Tide Plus Collection.  Shellie is an innovation, experimentation, and habit adoption coach that has trained junior scientists worldwide on product development.

She helped Georgia Pacific break into the home cleaning category by building a Research and Development capability from the ground up resulting in a portfolio of cleaning products with superior performance across relevant consumer needs.

Shellie is currently R&D Home Fragrance Director for L Brands - Bath and Body Works/Victoria Secret.  Since joining L Brands, she has led the R&D team in delivering 2000+ products for market and opened a new state of the art lab in Central Ohio.

Shellie serves as Chairman of the Board for the Department of Engineering Education and has been active throughout her career to partner with the College of Engineering to bring industry perspective to the educational programs. She has led recruiting teams responsible for hiring 100s of OSU students into the industry.

She graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree in 2000.