EED Statement on Racial Injustice


The Department of Engineering Education is deeply troubled by the unjust acts of racial oppression that have recently been brought to the forefront of the American zeitgeist. As engineers, we are problem-solvers; as educators, we value life-long learning. We are uniquely poised at the intersection of our disciplines to effect individual and systemic change. Our department fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement and we are dedicated to stamping out racism in all its forms.

No amount of training can fully illuminate the daily reality of our students and peers of color, but through our continued commitment to learn, we may be better equipped with empathy and compassion to support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) members of our community and beyond. We will practice culturally-responsive pedagogical techniques that enhance our inclusive and equitable classroom practices. We will engage with literature that prompts thought-provoking conversations and forces us to question long-held beliefs. We will continue to recruit and retain students of color, whose backgrounds allow us to approach engineering education in transformative ways. Finally, we will continue to uphold Ohio State’s core values which include diversity, inclusion, access, integrity, transparency, and trust. 
– Department of Engineering Education Leadership