EED Graduate Program

Launched in 2018, the Engineering Education PhD Program boasts a diverse, exceptional first cohort of graduate students who are pursuing groundbreaking research with our graduate faculty in many areas, including:

     • Diversity and inclusion
     • Motivation and identity
     • Professional development of engineers
     • Pedagogy, assessment and evaluation
     • Engineering in P-16

Graduates of the PhD program are excellent candidates for work in government and policy, the non-profit sector, P-12 settings,industry, corporate training, and teaching and research positionsat top universities.

The Department of Engineering Education teaches over 3,500 undergraduate students annually through our course offerings, including a First-Year Engineering sequence, Engineering Technical Communications courses, and Multidisciplinary Capstone design programs. This large-scale instructional program provides a built-in laboratory or testing ground for ongoing education research activities, and our collaboration with the College of Education and Human Ecology provides the linkage between basic educational theory and applied engineering education practice needed for effective research in this field.

This provides a rich setting for engaging in engineering education research and the means to fund graduate students who are interested in advancing the field by transforming research into classroom practice. Our faculty mentor their graduate students by modeling and advocating scholarly, evidence-based teaching; exploring the ways in which engineers interact with society at large; and integrating pedagogical discovery, practice and dissemination through world-class engineering education research.

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Graduate Program Contacts

Ann D. Christy, Ph.D., P.E. 
Graduate Studies Chair

Ana M. Casado, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Coordinator