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Technical Writer/Editor


Technical writers or editors work with computer hardware engineers, computer support specialists, and software developers to create operating instructions, how-to manuals, assembly instructions, and “frequently asked questions” pages to help make complex information easier to comprehend for technical support staff and consumers, and other users. Your duties will include studying product samples, coordinating with product designers and developers, writing or revising content, selecting the medium for a project, and collecting user feedback. Hours will depend on whether you are employed directly by a company or are a freelance writer - either self employed or work for a consulting firm. Most Technical writers or editors are employed directly and work full time.


Bachelor’s degree required. Expertise in the field is also essential. 


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment to grow at a rate of 8% from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than average. As of May 2018, median income for technical writers is between $71,000 and $74,000 per year. Industry growth has created a great demand for technical writers, though you should expect competition for free-lance positions. 

California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and New York (respectively) have the highest level of employment in the U.S. for technical writers. California, Massachusetts, Washington, the District of Columbia, and Virginia are the top paying states in the U.S. for technical writers. 

Important Qualities

It will help you in this occupation to be detail oriented, imaginative, and to have skills in critical thinking and writing.