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Chief Learning Officer


Top executives like CLOs exist in nearly every industry for firms of all sizes. Responsibilities and hours for top executives largely depend on the size of the firm at which they are employed. If you work for a small firm, you will likely be responsible for day-to-day operations. If you work for a large firm, your duties will include more ‘big picture’ items like policies and strategy. You may oversee staff, including hiring and firing, and answer directly to other top executives like the CEO. You will often spend time interacting with other top executives in your firm.


Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree and Doctorate advised.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment to grow at a rate of 5% from 2018 through 2028, which is average. As of May 2018, median income for top executives was $104,980 per year or $50.47 per hour. Keep in mind that pay for specific kinds of executives in different sized firms can vary.

California, Florida, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts (respectively) have the highest levels of employment in the U.S. for top executives. South Dakota, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Texas, and New Jersey (respectively) are the top paying states in the U.S. for top executives.

Important Qualities

It will help you in this occupation to have good communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and time-management skills.