2014-15 Projects

2014-15 Projects

Industry Projects:

Process Automation IP Address Assignment and Tracking (Sponsor: ArcelorMittal)

Slab Measurement Study (Sponsor: ArcelorMittal)

Cast Urethane Process Improvement Study (Sponsor: Auld Technologies LLC)

Elastomers for HTHP Applications (Sponsor: Cameron)

Medical Campus Parking Evaluation (Sponsor: CampusParc at OSU)

Ergonomic Improvements (Sponsor: Cardinal Health)

Bulk Fill/LCU Study (Sponsor: Coltene)

Friction Tester for (Winter) Traction Model Development (Sponsor: Cooper Tires)

Fiber Glass Rebar Splices Design (Sponsor: Dayton Superior)

Primary Packaging Annual Testing and Evaluation (Sponsor: Elmer’s)

Catheter Optics (Sponsor: eNNOVEA)

Optimal Design of Automobile External Storage Container (Sponsor: GM Foundation and Total Sim USA)

Electro-Mechanical Trainer (Sponsor: Honda of America Mfg., Inc.)

Fuel Tank Level Measurement Phase 3 (Sponsor: Honda R&D Americas, Inc.)

CAE Material Property Database Application Phase 2 (Sponsor: Honda R&D Americas, Inc.)

Baffle Tank Design (Sponsor: John Deere)

Rear Hitch 3-Point Draft Sensing (Sponsor: John Deere)

Process Refrigeration Optimization (Sponsor: Snowville Creamery)

Offshore Subsea Piping Experiment & Test Module (Sponsor: Subsea Tieback Foundation)

Street Luge Aerodynamics (Sponsor: Dean USA)

Seat Vibration Noise Evaluation (Sponsor: TSTech)


Humanitarian Projects:

Low-Cost Sustainable Engine Design Lab (Sponsor: OSU Humanitarian)

Sustainable House Solutions in Central American (Sponsor: OSU Humanitarian)