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The EED Research Seminar is an opportunity to engage with leading scholars around diverse topics related to engineering education including research, teaching and practice. We welcome participation from across the broad Ohio State community and look forward to engaging with you!





double-arrowAutumn 2020 Speakers

Eastman Yerrik Miles_Group Photo

October 1

Dr. Mike Eastman, Dr. Randy Yerrick, Dr. Monica Miles

Equity and privilege in engineering education: A dialogue

Kerrie Douglas

October 8

Dr. Kerrie Douglas

Beginning and Advanced Engineering Students’ Educational Experiences and Perceived Supports During COVID-19 Pandemic

Justin Major

October 15

Justin Major

Challenging norms with numbers:Revisiting “who counts” in engineering education research and how quantitative research can adapt


October 22

Dr. David Delaine

Transforming service-learning in engineering: From service to reciprocal partnership in support of social justice

Stacy Klein Gardner

October 29

Dr. Stacy Klein-Gardne

Session Topic: TBD

James Huff

November 5

Dr. James Huff

Unpacking professional shame: How white, male engineering students live in and out of threats to identities

group photo_Nov 12

November 12

Dr. Zahra Atiq & Jeremy Grifski

Triangulation of Multi-Modal Data to Assess Students’ Emotions during Programming Tasks

RISE 11-19-2020

November 19

Dr. Randa L. Sheha, Dr. Susan E. Walden, Dr. Deborah A. Trytten

An Analysis of Engineering Competition Team Culture From the Perspectiveof Team Leaders: Recommendations for Equitable Access to Experiential Learning

monique ross

September 10

Dr. Monique Ross

Cracking the diversity code: Understanding computing pathways of those least represented in order to foster their representation

Brent K. Jesiek

September 17

Dr. Brent K. Jesiek

Bridging the competency gap: Rethinking engineering education, empirical


September 24

Dr. Allison Godwin

Do I belong here and can I succeed? The role of identity and other non-cognitive factors on student success

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