Prospective PhD Students

PhD Program Contacts

For more information, please contact us directly:

Ana M. Casado, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Coordinator

Julie P. Martin, Ph.D.
Graduate Studies Chair

The Ohio State University Department of Engineering Education is actively looking for interested graduate students to join the growing number of students in the EED Graduate Program by reaching out to recent graduates from engineering, sciences, and STEM education programs as well as working professionals who want to shift their career focus (e.g., industry engineers, government agency scientists, high school science teachers).

The job market for STEM education doctoral graduates with an engineering emphasis includes:

  • Universities, colleges, community and technical colleges (both in tenure-track and clinical faculty appointments)
  • Corporate training organizations
  • High schools challenged with incorporating STEM initiatives and engineering design into core science standards. 


Prospective students: Travel grants available for the EED Open House! Contact Ana Casado ( for details

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Can't find what you're looking for? Email Ana Casado, our graduate program coordinator if you have additional questions or concerns.