Engineering Technical Communications

Engineering Technical Communications (ETC) fulfills an important role in the EED by elevating the importance and facilitating the development of effective communication skills in engineering education. We work to enhance writing and communications instruction in our own classes and in collaborations across the department and College of Engineering.

Our focus aligns with the industry demand for well-rounded engineers who not only have the technical skills required by their fields, but also the ability to use those skills in a professional environment.  

Strong communication and professional skills are essential tools for innovative problem solving, working with teams, and bringing ideas to life.


Engineering Technical Communication Students

Interested in collaborating with us?

We welcome opportunities to work with and gain insight from our colleagues in the College of Engineering, faculty and staff from other departments and programs across the university, and industry professionals.

ETC team members regularly collaborate and consult with other educators, programs, and professionals. With a particular focus on the new General Education Curriculum changes and their impact on the College of Engineering majors, we bring our expertise in best practices for teaching writing in the disciplines in the following ways:

  • Assisting individual faculty and instructors with developing effective assignment prompts
  • Supporting departments, programs, or individuals in assessing discipline-specific writing skills and learning outcomes
  • Consulting with faculty to improve graduate student advisees’ research writing
  • Developing and delivering technical communications modules within a technical or discipline-specific course
  • Team-teaching to support effective delivery of the embedded intensive writing components of courses in the disciplines
  • Leveraging insights and feedback from professional connections to keep curriculum current and meaningful

Meaningful collaborations allow us to gain insights that help our students practice the communication skills they will need throughout their education at Ohio State and in their professional lives.

Email Lynn Hall or Lisa Abrams to see how we can work with you!

ETC Informational Overview [PDF]

Meet the ETC Team


ETC Facutly

Angie Burks

Lynn Hall

Jennifer Herman

Deborah Kuzawa

James “Kimo” Tichgelaar

Leah Wahlin


Engineering Technical Communications