Education Abroad

Service-Learning Guyana 2019

Ohio State engineering students travel the world, utilizing technical skills, collaborating with local partners across the globe, and developing solutions to many current world challenges.  The College of Engineering encourages students to internationalize their academic career by participating in various international opportunities including study abroad programs, international internships, taking globally focused course-work, and participating the Global Option in EngineeringThrough study abroad, students can fulfill academic requirements, which may include general education classes, technical electives, or major-specific requirements.

By choosing to participate in an education abroad program, students gain valuable skills and knowledge that enhance and compliment an engineering degree. These include:

  • Developing global competencies
  • Preparing for the practice of engineering in a global environment
  • Becoming an active global citizen with awareness and adaptability to diverse cultures
  • Understanding how to work with people across the globe


Engineering students in Ghana

The College of Engineering has further integrated internationalization in the curriculum through the Global Option in Engineering. This program infuses global perspectives into the undergraduate engineering curriculum without adding time to graduation.

Stay in touch with the International Programs office in the College of Engineering to learn more about the Global Option, international engineering internships, and other globally focused events featured throughout the year.

For more information on education abroad programs available through the university, please visit the Office of International Affairs, Education Abroad webpage and the College of Engineering International Programs site.