Professional Development


Empowering individuals to achieve their potential, goals, and vision in the pursuit of excellence in engineering education.

Core Values

We pursue excellence by:

  • Leadership, Mentorship and Teamwork cultivating an environment in which employees lead by example; inspire, support, and mentor each other; and approach the activities of the unit as a team.
  • Continuous Education:  supporting employees in their educational activities for personal and professional growth.
  • Scholarly Activities:  seeking, applying, generating and sharing knowledge and innovations.
  • Ownership and Integrity:  demonstrating and accepting personal responsibility and accountability in all we do.  

The Department of Engineering Education believes that professional development is essential to life-long learning. Employees within the EED at The Ohio State University are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities for the following reasons:

Employee Professional Growth 

  • Professional development can help employees enhance their personal skills (e.g., communication, team work, time management, problem-solving, etc.).

Employee Benefits

  • Participation in professional development events can help employees meet or exceed performance-evaluation metrics and contract stipulations.
  • Through professional development, employees can become better qualified to apply for career advancement opportunities.

Employee Incentives

  • All employees can use a pre-defined amount of funds for professional development –relevant event registration, travel, and/or equipment purchase.

Department’s Success

  • Professional development activities can help employees maintain positive relations with one another within the EED.
  • The EED can continually strengthen its identity, receive local/national recognition, and successfully meet its goals by supporting employee initiative in seeking professional development.