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Current Employment Opportunities

The Department of Engineering Education is pleased to announce the current employment opportunities:

Lecturer Position

Position Description

General Overview:

EED’s Multidisciplinary Capstone (MDC) program is an integrated two course design sequence.  These two semester courses allow senior students from all engineering disciplines to work together on an industry-sponsored capstone project.  The program has broadened its scope in recent years to also attract Engineering Science minor students from all disciplines.  The program is aiming to continue to grow its enrollment, attract new industry sponsors, and provide an entry point for potential department and institutional investors through its performance plan. 



The lecturer (Associated Faculty) will be in the Department of Engineering Education under the supervision of the Department’s Associate Chair.  They will be assigned to teach the Multidisciplinary Capstone courses under the direction of the program’s director.  To be successful, it is essential that a lecturer is proficient in all course material (e.g. design process, teamwork, project management, problem solving, etc.) and is prepared for class.  Giving both informative and summative feedback on student work is essential for the program and student success.  In addition to class instruction, attendance is required at weekly student team meetings, orientation, and any department/program meetings or events.  As a co-worker with MDC’s director, graduate teaching associate and faculty advisors, a spirit of teamwork and initiative is essential.  



  • Instruct capstone classes
  • Grade and provide constructive feedback on written assignments and oral presentations
  • Develop curriculum
  • Advise and mentor student project teams
  • Identify and scope projects with potential sponsors
  • Recruit students
  • Assess program
  • Provide program support related to the program’s performance plan
  • Other duties as assigned



EED lecturers are required to have strong written and verbal communication skills; strong interpersonal skills; and a Master’s degree in Engineering or equivalent.  A PhD and professional experience are preferred.  Experience working with or in industry is preferred.  Enthusiasm and a passion for teaching is essential.  The applicant may be requested to give an oral presentation as part of the interview process.  International applicants are required to have the appropriate language certification from the University to teach in the classroom.  Lecturers are on one year contracts subject to review after each year.  This is a full time, 9 month position eligible for health benefits.


Interested candidates should email their curriculum vita, names of three references, and a cover letter to Dr. Lisa Abrams at ENG-EED@osu.edu by Friday August 16 at 5:00pm.


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant 

Position Description

The EED Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) attends all class and lab sessions as assigned. They actively assist students in their development of basic skills in the laboratory and the classroom. UTAs assist the GTAs in grading assignments and are required to attend mandatory training sessions and to participate in related duties such as exam review sessions. Faculty, Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs), or staff may assign other duties.


The UTA must be self-directed and comfortable in a team environment, both in the classroom and in the labs. The UTA must be truly interested in helping students succeed in their engineering fundamentals course work and develop the skills necessary for success in future courses. In addition, the UTA must have the following: 

Successful completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering sequence (includes: honors, scholars, standard, and transfer sequences)
For FEH UTAs, experience with the Honors sequence is preferred
For FE Scholars UTAs, experience with the Scholars sequence is preferred
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong interpersonal skills
Competence in engineering graphics and the use of computer-based tools such as EXCEL, MATLAB, Word, PowerPoint, and Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Overall GPA of 2.7 or higher is required

Images of UTAs may be used in printed material and videotapes made for the purpose of informing the university community and the general public about activities in the College of Engineering.

Working Hours and Compensation

On average, UTAs will work 10-12 hours per week with a typical maximum of 15 hours (unless otherwise specified and approved in advance). This range covers contact hours in class/lab with students, training and prep time (including self-study as needed), team meetings, orientation, and grading. 

Continued employment is based on completion of orientation, required training and assignments, satisfactory performance of duties and a recommendation from the supervising faculty.


APPLY for an EED Undergraduate Teaching Assistant position

Priority deadline for Autumn 2019 semester - March 8, 2019

Applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed if new positions become available.

Returning EED Undergraduate Teaching Assistants may apply HERE. (same deadlines)


For a comprehensive list of job openings at The Ohio State University, please visit https://www.jobsatosu.com/