2017-18 Projects

Industry Projects:

AUTAERO (Sponsor: Hurst LLC)

Automatic Hose Coiler Design (Sponsor: Thermoid Inc.)

Scanner Measurement System (Sponsor: Brighton Truedge)

Plastic Fryer Basket (Sponsor: Henny Penny)

Minimalist Seat (Sponsor: Honda R&D)

Seamless Measurement of Biometrics (Sponsor: Honda R&D)

Urban Transportation of Tomorrow (Sponsor: Honda R&D)

Vehicle Ambient Air Delivery System (Sponsor: Honda R&D)

Gear Heat Treat Rack (Sponsor: Honda Transmissions Manufacturing)

Kinetic Energy to Electrical Energy (Sponsor: TS Tech)

Future Transportation Systems (Sponsor: The Ohio State University)

R.A.T. Heating Element Project (Sponsor: SAFRAN)