2012-2013 Projects

Industry Projects:

New Composite Dental Product (Sponsor:  Abrasive Technologies)

Low Powered Battery Charger (Sponsor: AMETEK Solidstate Controls)

Product Application for COSI’s Little Kidspace (Sponsor: Auld Technologies)

Two-Minute Airplane Factory Phase II (Sponsor: Chris Burden)

Accelerated Saltwater Corrosion Testing on Subsea Equipment (Sponsor: Cameron)

Truck Cab and Seat Design (Sponsor: Commercial Vehicle Group)

Fluid Level Measurement Phase I (Sponsor: Honda R & D)

Corrosion Rate Measurement Tool Phase II (Sponsor: Honda R & D)

Composite/Carbon Fiber Control Arm (Sponsor: Honda R & D)

Bearing Lubrication Analysis (Sponsor: John Deere)

Autonomous Tractor & Implement Backing Control (Sponsor: John Deere)

Workcell Design (Sponsor: Lake Shore Cryotronics)

Material Handling and Storage Efficiency (Sponsor: Marion Industries)

Energy Efficient Hybrid Air/Water Conditioning Appliance Phase I (Sponsor: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Zinc Shot Quality Improvement (Sponsor: Transmet)

Storm Water Filter Device (Sponsor: Water Quality Systems)

Actuation of an Automated-Manual Transmission (Sponsor: OSU Motorsports)

Vehicle Lift and Mobilization System (Sponsor: Buckeye Bullet)

Converting an Engine to E85 and Design of Electrically Heated Catalyst System (Sponsor: EcoCAR)

Suspension (Sponsor: EcoCAR)

Charging System (Sponsor: EcoCAR)


Humanatarian Projects:

Aquaponics Systems in Central America Phase I (Sponsor: GM Foundation)