2011-2012 Projects

Industry Projects:

Webber Environmental Chamber System Controls: (Sponsor: AEP Dolan Laboratory)

Web-based Product Selector: (Sponsor: Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.)

UPS Web Interface: (Sponsor: AMETEK Solidstate Controls)

Drying Efficiency of Galvanized Steel Coils (Sponsor: ArcelorMittal)

New Retail Product Design: (Sponsor: Auld Technologies)

Explosive Decompression in Elastomers (Sponsor:  Cameron)

Oder Cart Redesign: (Sponsor: Cardinal Health)

Plastic Cup Thermoforming DOE: (Sponsor: Dannon)

Botanical Incubator and Dryer (Sponsor: Givaudan)

Punch Mounting Bolt Maintenance (Sponsor: Honda Manufacturing)

Welding Database Development (Sponsor: Honda Manufacturing)

Corrosion Rate Measurement Tool Phase I (Sponsor: Honda R & D)

Autonomous Tractor Backing Control (Sponsor: John Deere)

Drivetrain Bearing Lubrication Efficiency (Sponsor: John Deere)

Dual Channel Power Amplifier: (Sponsor: Lake Shore Cryotronics)

Energy Efficient Hybrid Air/Water Conditioning Appliance Phase I (Sponsor: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Two-Minute Airplane Factory Phase I (Sponsor: Chris Burden)

Land Speed Race Vehicle Tire Testing (Sponsor: Buckeye Bullet)

Automated-Manual Transmission (Sponsor: EcoCAR 2)

Energy Storage System (Sponsor: EcoCAR 2)

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Sponsor: EcoCAR 2)